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Fat Camp - Weight loss camp for women

Want to lose those excess pounds and get a desired body shape? Hate conventional exercises? Fed up of spending hours in that boring gym environment? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, fat camp has a solution for you.

It is possible to lose excess weight without undergoing terrific diet, boring exercises and compromising your lifestyle. Fat camp is a pleasant retreat for women to lose weight with fun activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, etc. B. C. Cat Smiley has won the Canada’s Trainer of the Year award for three consecutive years. Her experience, expertise and thorough knowledge of effective weight loss techniques, ensures optimal results for every participant at her weight loss camp.

Fat Camp is a comprehensive program designed to educate women about healthy eating habits, and empower them to tackle obesity with effective exercises. In this fat camp, you will get to learn body transformational exercises that will promote your physical wellbeing.

A perfect combination of a healthy diet and weight loss exercises gives you unbelievable and dramatic results. In this fitness retreat, every woman gets a dedicated personal trainer and carefully designed schedule meeting the specific requirements of individuals. You will be living in a luxurious lodging which is centrally located in the heart of Whistler and surrounded by magnificent sceneries.

Unlike other weight loss camps, Fat Camp gives not only helps you to lose weight but also trains you to keep it off. Here, you achieve permanent weight loss results. Treat yourself with organic, nutrition enriched and fresh diet that will supply carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, vitamins, fats, and proteins to your body. These nutrients are necessary to lose weight and promote overall fitness. In a weight loss camp of 8 weeks with Cat Smiley, you can expect to lose up to 60 pounds.

Join fat camp and unleash the sexier and newer you!

Owned and operated by 3 time Canadian trainer of the year

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